DAT Test

The DAT test is a graduate school exam taken on computer and required for admission to most dental programs. You are scored on a 1-30 point scale. Most students have trouble with the perceptual ability section of this test were you are required to manipulate 3-D objects in your head to arrive at the correct answer.

Here are the sections on the DAT:

Section Total amount of time allotted Number Of Questions Time to answer each question
Natural Sciences 90 min 100 .9 min
Perceptual Ability 60 min 90 .67 min
Reading Comprehension 60 min 50 1.2 min
Quantitative Reasoning 45 min 40 1.13 min

The Department of Testing
American Dental Association
211 East Chicago Avenue, Suite 1840
Chicago, IL 60611-2678 USA

(312) 440-2689

There are two key elements when preparing for the DAT test:

First, you should use a DAT test study guide or set of DAT test flashcards to be sure that you understand the test material and concepts that are covered.

Second, you should test yourself on DAT practice tests so that you are familiar with the test process. Many students that know the material will struggle when taking the test, simply because they aren’t good test takers and do not have much experience with taking important standardized tests.