GRE Test

The GRE is another very popular graduate school entrance exam. The test covers verbal knowledge, quantitative, and writing. The GRE is offer on computer and is required for a wide variety of graduate programs.

Here are the sections on the GRE:

Section Total Amount Of Time Allotted Number Of Questions Time To Answer Each Question
Analytical Writing I
Issue Task
45 Min. 1 Topic 45 Min.
Analytical Writing II
Argument Task
30 Min. 1 Topic 30 Min.
Verbal 30 Min. 30 1 Min.
Quantitative 45 Min. 28 1.6 Min.
Verbal /
35-40 Min. N/A N/A
Research** N/A N/A N/A

*This section is unidentified and does not affect your score. It is used to test out possible questions on future GRE tests.

**This section is clearly identified and is always at the end of the test.

There are two key elements when preparing for the GRE test:

First, you should use a GRE test study guide, or a set of GRE test flashcards. This helps ensure that you understand the test material and concepts that are covered.

Second, you should test yourself on GRE practice tests so that you are familiar with the test process. Many students that know the material will struggle when taking the test, simply because they aren’t good test takers and do not have much experience with taking important standardized tests.