Sample Law School Essay

Many people who apply to graduate school will be asked to write a law school type of essay. Here is an example of an effective law school essay:

Over the past years, I have narrowed my focus to law and the practice of helping others. My family raised me with the desire that we should make the lives of those around us better on a daily basis. In the sixth grade, my teacher Mrs. Jones pointed out this fact by giving me the “Most Likely to Succeed” award. Two years ago, I met Mrs. Jones at a local Lions Club meeting. She reminded me of this fact on this occasion, and was thrilled that I was applying to Law School. She stated, “I know the practice of law will be a good fit for you.” Her comments have continued to motivate me to pursue a law degree.

Entering college, I was unsure of the career path that I should take. Initially, I started with a degree emphasis in general studies while exploring various opportunities and professions. However, I always came back to the law as a way to improve the lives of others through civil service. Finally, I was set on becoming a lawyer following an interview with a well-respected lawyer in Los Angeles. I then realized the impact I could potentially make within America’s legal system.

In college I participated in many extracurricular activities, including the following: historian for the Gamma Beta Phi society, vice-president of the Young Leaders of America, coaching 8-10 year olds in football and baseball at the YMCA, while holding down a part-time job at Regions Bank as an account assistant. All the while maintaining a full-time class load throughout my academic track at Louisiana State University.

During my experience with the Young Leaders of America Society, I developed close relationships with individuals enduring poverty, hunger and needs for shelter. Through these two years, these people changed my opinion on world, national and local views. They made me aware of the need for legislative and legal action on their behalf. By attending law school, I could help improve their lives through legal intervention and assistance.

Louisiana State University has given me an exceptional background in history and given me the opportunity for campus involvement. However, now new challenges lie ahead. The University of Georgetown’s law program has reputation for excellence in the South. While visiting the campus I had the opportunity to meet with John Smith, a law school faculty member and discuss the goals of the law school and program. I believe that I can make share an important voice in the upcoming class. I am convinced that by attending the University of Georgetown’s law graduate program that I can achieve the highest level of quality within the legal profession.

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