Sample Medical School Essay

One of the most common types of graduate school application essays is the medical school essay. Here is an example of an effective medical school essay:

At the start of my sophomore year, I began Dr. Smith’s Anatomy and Physiology course taught for potential medical students and students on a healthcare track. Following my first class lecture, I was galvanized by the material presented and the intricacies of the human body. Consequently, I spent endless hours studying the material presented and doing further investigation into the research process that have allowed new discoveries. With this knowledge, I have been eager to learn more about the role of physicians and their responsibilities in the healthcare field. I have discovered that I am motivated to become a physician and expand my present knowledge base.

Even back in high school, I was interested in healthcare and helping other through medicine. In the eleventh grade I had the opportunity to participate in future healthcare leadership training and education experiences with the American Medical Association Future MD program. I followed physicians on rounds, and observed surgical procedures and patient care. Being from a small town and a sheltered background, this was an eye opening experience. However, the more time I spent in the healthcare environment the stronger my desire to be a physician has become.

In addition, my current course of study has been challenging and rigorous to support my preparation for medical school. I have maintained a 4.0 average in the biological sciences at UCLA over the last 3 years. Moreover, I have assisted in the research on prostate cancer and Alzheimer’s disease being done by various faculty members. These research undertaking are to be published within the next year in the Journal of American Medicine. Moreover, I was nominated by the biology department to be a recipient of the 7th Club award given for excellence in the field of biological study.

I strongly believe that the ultimate goal of any physician should be to continuously improve healthcare on a local, national and inter-national level. From my shadowing experiences in the eleventh grade and onward, I have learned that the emotional and physical needs of the patient must be met to have attainment of this goal. Compassion, knowledge, and determination are the basis for my commitment to improving healthcare. However, the pursuit of knowledge will eventually be the key in unlocking the doors of improved healthcare.

Finally, I have taken the necessary course requirements for admission to University of Southern California Medical Program and scored within the top 5% on the MCAT test. My interest in anatomy and healthcare has propelled my desire to be a physician. I have undertaken a difficult degree program and focused on research activities that could potentially improve the well being of society. With a spirit of compassion and drive for knowledge, I desire to better humanity through the practice of medicine.